11 Easy Fiverr Gigs You Can Do Without Any Skills

11 Easy Fiverr Gigs You Can Do Without Any Skills – Start Making Money Today!

Are you looking to make some cash on Fiverr, but discouraged because you feel like you don’t have any marketable skills? Fear not! Contrary to popular belief, there are still plenty of ways to profit from Fiverr without any specific skill set.

In fact, making money on Fiverr is easier than ever before. With just a laptop and an internet connection, you can turn your Fiverr hustle into a thriving full-time business.

But how do you get started? Well, believe it or not, there are people out there killing it on Fiverr without possessing any traditional skill sets. Some leverage the talents of others, while others simply explore gigs that require no technical expertise.

If you’re interested in learning about easy Fiverr gigs that anyone can complete without specialized knowledge, then you’re in luck. We’ve got you covered. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to start making money on Fiverr right away – no skills required.

So let’s dive in and explore these exciting opportunities together!


What Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the most popular and visited freelance website on the internet that connects both buyers and sellers with various services. The platform allows sellers to start selling their services from $5.

It is a website that allows freelancers in different stages of their career to start listing their services and start making money while building their portfolio.

The platform allows all new sellers to create up to 7 different gigs and expands your gig creation when you advance to the next level as a seller on the platform.

Let’s see how you can make money by completing easy Fiverr gigs that doesn’t require any technical skills to complete.


11 Easy Fiverr Gigs You Can Do Without Any Skills

Gig #1 Online Friend

If you are a good friend or know how to easily make friends online and offline, then this is the right gig for you as it does not require any technical skill.

People need online friends they can chat and share their problems with, so if you are someone who can be a good friend to strangers on the internet then you can start cashing out today by creating a gig on Fiverr.

Gig Title: I will be your online friend


Gig #2 Image Background Removal

Image background removal is a high demand service on the Fiverr platform. This service can be completed with photoshop and other image editing software’s which requires skills to do but since you are here to do gigs that doesn’t require skills, I will give you two websites that can help you to complete this gig without using your skills.

Free tools:

Remove.bg: Remove.bg allows users to upload and remove from backgrounds from their photos and pictures.

Erase.bg: This website allows you remove to remove backgrounds from any image and download the final output in high resolution.

Canva.com: Canva provides a remove background tool that allows users to remove the backgrounds from any image using AI. This feature is available for paid users.


Gig #3 Dating apps Photo Picker

Are you familiar with popular dating apps like Tinder, OKCupid, Bumble, and the likes?

Do you have an idea of photos you can use on the platform to attract the right matches to your profile?

If you answered Yes, to the above questions, then this Gig is your jackpot.

People are looking for help with the pictures they need to use on their profile to attract the right matches on the various popular dating sites and your services will be needed to fulfil the task.

This gig does not require any technical skills to complete. All you must do is to know the best pictures that can attract the opposite partner on dating apps and offer it as a service for your client.

Gig Title: I will select best tinder, and okcupid photos for your profile.

Clients will provide you with a lot pictures and you must select the best among them.


Gig #4 Spokesperson

Do you have what it takes to speak in front of a camera?

The Spokesperson’s gig is for those who can put a camera in front of them and speak to the camera with confidence.

This Fiverr gig doesn’t require you to have any technical skills. All you need is the ability to speak eloquently in front of a camera and the access to a phone with a good camera you can use for your recording.

Clients come on Fiverr to request for freelancers to become their spokesperson for their ads, promo videos, YouTube videos, and many other purposes.

Gig Title: I will be your video spokesperson.

Hint: There will be many freelancers offering this gig, so you have niche down with your gig title.

Example: I will be your video spokesperson for reels/TikTok/ads, etc.


Gig #5 YouTube Intro and Outro Maker

You can offer YouTube intro and outro clips as a gig on Fiverr. This gig doesn’t require any technical skills or experience.

There are free online tools that can help you create these clips by just grabbing free templates and tweaking it to suit your client needs.

Free tools:

Canva.com: Canva has free YouTube intro and outro clips templates that allows you to edit the text, colors and other stuffs to suit your client’s needs.

Biteable.com: Create stunning professional videos, animation, effects and footage for YouTube.

Veed.io: Create stunning video intros for your YouTube channel with veed.io online intro maker.


Gig #6 Social Media Designs

This Fiverr gig requires you to create and design social media posts for businesses online.

Many small brands are transitioning from traditional marketing to online marketing and they are creating social media pages for their business so they will need freelance graphic designers to provide them with social media designs.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any graphic design skills, there are online tools that will help you create social media designs without any technical work from your side.

Gig Title: I will create social media designs/post for you business.

Hint: You can niche down with this gig, to cut out the huge competition on the platform.

Your Gig Title can be: I will create social media designs for real estate/food business/hair saloon/poultry business, etc.

You should be creative and smart with your gig title.

Free tools:

Canva.com: Canva has a huge collection of social media design templates that can be edited to suit your client needs.

Snappa: Snappa is an online graphic design platform with unlimited templates that can be edited and customize.

Crello: Create social media designs, animations, blog banners, marketing materials, print and event planners with Crello.


Gig #7 Transcription Services

Offer transcription services as a gig on Fiverr. You don’t need to have any qualifications or experience in transcription to perform this task.

There are free online tools that can help you transcribe audios for free and easily.

With this gig, you will be required to transcribe meeting audios, podcast, and other audio files to text by your client.

The following tools will help you with your transcription service:


Otter.ai: Otter is a smart tool that performs real-time transcription services for your meetings, conversations, etc. It also allows you to upload the audio files you want to transcribe and the app does the transcription for you automatically.

Google docs: Google recently introduced the voice-to-text feature on Google docs to allow its users use the feature to convert audio to text.


Gig #8 Comments Writer

Do you know your way around the internet?

Can you read and write? Of course, you can. That why you are reading this.

Then you can start offering comments writing as a service on Fiverr.

Engagements on social media pages, blogs, and other platforms are needed by brands and businesses to boost their visibility on the internet.

Due to this, they need freelancers who can write better and well thought comments on their social media pages under their posts and in the comment section of their blogs. So, if you can write comments on blogs and on social media, then this is your gig.

You can start selling this service as a Fiverr gig today and start making money.

Gig Title: I will read your blog and write a meaningful comment under your article.


Gig #9 Data Entry Service

You can offer data entry services on Fiverr without any skills. For this gig, you will be provided with raw data and you will be expected to organize the data by entering it into an excel spreadsheet.

Many small business and sole business owners do not have enough capital to purchase software’s that are programmed to carry out these activities so they rely on freelancers to do this for them. This where your service is needed to carry out such activities.

All you need to complete this gig, is the ability to type and availability to a computer/laptop.

Gig Title: I will do data entry typing work


Gig #10 Photo Retouching Service

You can also offer photo retouching services to clients on Fiverr. Professionals offering this service charge huge amounts so clients prefer going to Fiverr to request the same services at cheaper price.

You can use free tools to perform this task and deliver quality product to your clients.

Free tools:

Photopea: This is a free alternative to the popular graphic design software, Photoshop. It provides similar photoshop features and can be used for Photo retouching.

Makeup.pho.to: An AI powered online tool for retouching photos.


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Gig #11 Virtual Assistant

The rise of the pandemic has caused a shift in the normal traditional work. Remote work has become more popular following the pandemic so more businesses are now willing to hire virtual assistant all over the world to perform administrative task for them.

This is where you come in as a virtual assistant for your client. Virtual assistant tasks range from managing client’s inbox, social media pages, calendar, booking hotels, and many more.

You need to have a computer/laptop and few soft skills, like good managerial skills, communication skills, organizational skills, etc.


Conclusion On 11 Easy Fiverr Gigs You Can Do Without Any Skills

Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge and skills to start earning money online without any prior expertise.

By offering these 11 easy Fiverr gigs, you can become a successful freelancer in no time. So why wait? Take the leap today and create your first Fiverr gig.

And if this article has been helpful to you, don’t forget to share it with your friends and followers on social media. Together, let’s empower more people to achieve financial freedom through freelancing!

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