How To Make A Poll On YouTube For Massive Growth

How To Make A Poll On YouTube For Massive Growth

Are you looking for ways to increase engagement on your YouTube channel?

Are you looking for how to make a poll on YouTube to increase engagement?

If your answer is Yes, to these questions, then you are at the right place.

Take your time and consume this article and at the end of the article, you will be among the top YouTubers using YouTube polls to crash it on the platform.

Whenever you mention YouTube, most people know that you are talking about a video content platform. But recently, the platform has introduced a feature called the Community Tab, which allows creators on its platform to increase their engagement through the use of polls, image posts, and text posts. With this, you will get a boost in engagement, more views on your channel, and exposure.

If you want to make an announcement, remind your subscribers about something, share an image, ask for feedback, ask for the next YouTube topic to cover in your video, and more, just use your YouTube poll feature to communicate that to your audience.

So, the question now is, how do I make a poll on YouTube? That is what I will be covering in this article.

Let’s get started…

What Are YouTube Polls?

YouTube polls are poll cards created online by YouTubers to engage their audience through sharing of opinions, ideas, and requesting a response on a particular topic.

YouTube polls are great ways for YouTubers to engage their audience while getting feedback on their videos and also ideas for their next video creation.

It helps you to know the type of content your audience enjoys watching on your channel and what they don’t want.

The poll cards give a real-time update to the poll creator and the audience.

YouTube polls can help creators connect more with their audience and gather great feedback from them immediately.

If you are a YouTuber in the graphics design niche, you can create a poll to ask your audience what type of design they would like you to make or ask them about the software they have and do a video on how to use those software to create designs.


Requirement To Make a YouTube Poll

Creating a YouTube also comes with some requirements, that is to say, not all YouTuber creators have the ability to create polls on YouTube. Even though it is a free feature on YouTube you still need to meet certain requirements to be able to make polls on YouTube and they include;

  • Your channel needs to have 1000 or more subscribers
  • Your YouTube channel must not be Set for Kids

These are the requirements you need to satisfy to be able to create or make a poll on YouTube.

For your subscribers to vote on your polls, they should be logged into their accounts.


How To Make a Poll on YouTube Mobile 2021 (Android & iOS)

To make a poll on YouTube mobile, you need to make sure that you are logged into your YouTube account and follow the steps below;

  • Open the YouTube mobile app
  • Click on your Profile icon at the top right corner
  • Tap on Your Channel
  • When it opens, slide to the right on the top menu bar till you see the Community Tab
  • Tap on Community
  • At the top of the Community Tab, tap on the Text box to make a new post
  • Write the question you want to ask your audience
  • Click on the Poll icon at the left corner of the Text box
  • Enter your Answer Options
  • You can add more Answer Options by tapping on the ADD ANOTHER OPTION below
  • You can choose to make your poll public or for your audience only by tapping on the top right button that is indicating public (it’s on public by default)
  • You can also schedule your poll by tapping on the scheduling button at the top right corner.
  • When you finish creating your poll, tap on the Post tab to publish your YouTube poll.

Your YouTube poll is now live and your audience can interact with it. They can as well share it on other social media channels.


How To Make A Poll On YouTube PC 2021

To make a poll on YouTube Desktop, you need to make sure that you are logged into your YouTube account and follow the steps below;

  • Open YouTube on your desktop browser
  • Click on the Create tab at the top right corner beside your profile icon
  • Tap on Create a post
  • Search for your Community tab and click on it
  • Under the Community tab, tap on the Poll icon
  • Add your Poll question and Answer options
  • Set the visibility option of your poll
  • When you are done with your poll questions and answer options, tap on Post to publish it immediately or click to schedule the post.

That’s it. This is how to make a poll on YouTube using your PC.


How To See Your Poll Stats

To see your polls or poll stats on your YouTube channel, follow the steps below;

  • Go to your YouTube channel
  • Tap on your profile icon
  • Select the YouTube Studio tab
  • Tap on the post tab at the top
  • You can see all your posts and their statistics – the number of people who responded and the outcome.


Why Youtubers Need to Use YouTube Polls

Let’s take a look at why YouTube poll is a great advantage to YouTubers to get more engagement and exposure for their channel.

It Boosts Engagement

YouTube polls help boost engagement for YouTubers. One of the ways YouTubers can increase their engagement is through the making of polls for their audience to interact with them. It is one of the easiest methods to increase engagement on the platform.

Get More Views on Your Past Content

YouTube polls can be used to redirect subscribers to past content to get more views and increase your watch time.

You keep getting subscribers as the day goes by but not all your new subscribers will be able to go through your past videos so use polls creatively to redirect them to past videos on your channel.

Know What Your Audience Prefer

You can use YouTube polls to get ideas on the type of videos that your audience wants to see on your channel.

Create polls to ask them to vote on topic ideas or make them suggest topic ideas for you to create video content on.

Just be creative with it and you will get the results you need.


Conclusion on How To Make A Poll On YouTube

This is the complete guide on how to make a poll on YouTube for more exposure and engagement.

Use YouTube polls to interact with your audience, get feedback, and get guidance from your subscribers to direct you on your next video creation.

It is completely free; you have to make sure you meet all the requirements and you are good to create your next YouTube poll.


FAQ on How To Make A Poll On YouTube

What is the requirement to create a YouTube poll?

Ans: To be able to make a YouTube poll, you need to have 1000 and more subscribers.

How many YouTube polls can you create?

Ans: You can make 5 poll questions.

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